Our vision is to be responsible leaders in modern money.


At Worldpay we believe our corporate responsibility strategy will guide the relationships we have with customers, colleagues and the world around us. It's our way of making sure we're doing the right thing in the right way.

For example, we create products and services that help our customers and their communities thrive, and we partner with organisations to support entrepreneurs and the creation of new business. We also provide our payments technology to help charities raise more money. We're constantly working to reduce the natural resources we use. And we're dedicated to helping our colleagues grow and be the best they can.

Part of our corporate responsibility strategy involves giving all Worldpay colleagues the freedom to support causes they care about and I'm really proud of what they have achieved. Their passion and dedication is making a real impact in their own communities and on the world around us.

We have created a hub of information that covers our three strategic corporate responsibility pillars: Our Customers, Our World and Our People. You'll get a flavour of some of the projects and activities we're involved in.

I hope they give you a sense of the Worldpay culture and our commitment to really making a difference.

Thank you,

Philip Jansen, Chief Executive Officer


Take a closer look at our approach...

Our approach is built on three pillars:


Supporting our customers in a responsible and sustainable way.



Making a positive impact on the world and the communities around us.



Making Worldpay a great place to work.